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Reflex Photonics' LightABLE embedded transceivers complete testing


April 24, 2017

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

KIRKLAND, MONTREAL. Reflex Photonics' LightABLE LH Series SR4 full-duplex 4 lane transceiver completed 2,000 hours of Accelerated Lifetime Test against MIL-STD-883J, method 1005, cond. D, June 2013. The test is conducted at a case temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, 15 degrees Celsius.

A group of modules were tested against the company's final production test procedure on all eight channels, at different intervals, and at three different operating temperatures: −40 degrees Celsius, 23 degrees Celsius, and 85 degrees Celsius. Even after 2,000 hours of exposure to 100 degrees Celsius temperatures, the LightABLE units maintained their high operational performance.

The completion of this industry-standard test is a first step in the company's comprehensive space qualification program for its rugged transceivers.

Dr. Jocelyn Lauzon, V.P. Engineering at Reflex Photonics says, "When products are exposed to temperature stresses in the field, Accelerated Life Testing is used to simulate product life. In order to accelerate aging, products are tested at temperatures above that of their normal operating temperature. Defects or failure that would only show up after many years in the field at normal operating temperatures can be detected in short times in an Accelerated Life Test."

The LightABLE can be surface mounted or plugged on a board, and will support high temperature reflow process and operation with a link budget better than 13 dB.

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