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RF Sensor and High-Speed Computing Applications 

AoC3U-100The AoC3U-100 is a rugged single slot packaging solution designed for 3U VPX and SOSA aligned payload cards supporting high speed connectivity with GbE, 10GbE, RF and optical interfaces. The compact and lightweight design addresses a wide range of EW / ISR uses in ground and airborne assets where size constraints and functional performance in demanding environments are key. It is intended for sensor systems near the tactical edge in C5ISR applications where programs mandate SOSA aligned plug in payload cards in accordance with the DoD hardware and software convergence initiative. The chassis supports software defined radio / RF tuner content as well as new RFSoC board designs for 3U VPX. Secure internal connections ensure the signal integrity and signal speed requirements of these sensitive and critical applications. An integrated, low-profile power supply provides all necessary power requirements while reducing chassis height and weight. The AoC3U-100 is a conduction cooled chassis with air assist designed for VITA 48.2 modules and it incorporates a dual high cfm fan bank for optimal heat dissipation. The customizable I/O panel enables any variation of connector types for the application specific signal requirements.  

Part of our AoC, air over conduction cooled chassis line, the AoC3U-100 is designed to maintain safe operating temperatures for high power VPX and SOSA aligned payloads. It is available also in a fanless conduction cooled version for lower power modules.

The AoC3U-100 reflects design practices in use across the LCR family of proven ATR chassis designed to meet a range of MIL-STD-810 and MILSTD-461 test methods.

Also consider LCR for system integration services and environmental testing.

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  • Cooling for up to 140W of total power
  • Custom backplane supporting SOSA aligned and VPX slot profiles and VITA 66 and 67 apertures
  • Custom I/O panel configurations
  • Gasketed for protection against EMI and environmental ingress

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