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AI sensing radar in a compact package debuts from MatrixSpace

Press Release

April 27, 2023

Image courtesy MatrixSpace

BURLINGTON, Mass. Radar and AI sensing company launched MatrixSpace Radar, the first in a series of AI sensing products aimed at enabling cost-effective, long-distance sensing, tracking, monitoring, and inspection solutions.

According to the company's announcement, MatrixSpace Radar combines sensing, real-time AI edge processing, and RF communication in a package the size of a cellphone to equip large-scale use cases, such as semi-autonomous mobile platforms, general aviation, and portable or fixed systems. Digitizing the outdoors is the ability to measure the size, location, and movement of objects in time, shifting reliance from human sensing to a far more detailed recognition of objects and their movements.  

Greg Waters, cofounder and CEO of MatrixSpace, says of the product introduction: “We’re bringing high-performance radar and AI sensing products to mainstream industries that have never even considered their use. Our radar architecture represents a completely different way for customers across a variety of industries to digitize the outdoors, then using AI to inform them of exactly what’s out there. It’s a radically new level of situational awareness.” 


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