Military Embedded Systems

Optoelectronic tech and laser weapons to be researched by KBR


April 26, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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HOUSTON, Texas. KBR announced it has won a $48.5 million recompete to support optoelectronic technology research for the U.S Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate's Optoelectronic Technology Branch (RYDH). KBR will perform analyses of military and commercial developmental devices with emphasis on emerging electronic, plasmonic, electro-optic, and photonic technology.

According to the company, these devices will include lasers, waveguides, detectors, and focal plane array. KBR claims it will also perform analyses on materials, such as semiconductors, nonlinear crystals, and laser gain media; and more broadly, applications of the subject devices and materials.

Applications for this research exist for nearly every airborne platform, including the F-35 Lightning II, spacecraft such as Wideband Global SATCOM and Global Positioning System satellites, as well as ground based and modular sensing packages.

KBR will perform this work over a five-year period in Dayton, Ohio. The Air Force's 774th Enterprise Sourcing Squadron awarded the cost-plus, fixed fee task order under the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center's Multiple Award Contract.


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