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4-Channel, 1.25 GHz D/A PCI Express Board with Extended Interpolation and Virtex-6 FPGA

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  • Independent channel memory and digital upconverters boost flexibility
  • Multichannel synchronous operation simplifies
    beamformed transmit arrays
  • Virtex-6 FPGA preloaded with IP provides turnkey
    waveform generation
  • Extended Interpolation of 2x to 1,048,576x
  • Linked-list DMAs ease complex waveform generation
  • Dual-µSync clock/sync bus for multiboard synchronization
  • This board is also available in XMC, CompactPCI and OpenVPX formats

The Cobalt® Model 78671 is the highest-performing PCI Express D/A converter for RF and IF arbitrary waveform generation. The board delivers four independent analog outputs, each through its own digital upconverter and 16-bit D/A with sampling rates to 1.25 GHz. An onboard Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA contains factory-installed IP that provides turnkey waveform generation functionality for output signal bandwidths up to 250 MHz.

Channel independence in the Model 78671 is achieved with two new DAC3484 D/A converters from Texas Instruments. Each D/A provides two DUCs (digital upconverters) and 16-bit D/A channels with up to 1,048,576x interpolation that can translate a quadrature (I + Q) signal to a user-selectable IF center frequency.

To offer precision timing control in a multiboard design, Pentek has implemented its new µSync timing bus in the Model 78671. The bus uses CML (current-mode logic) signaling for highest precision and includes clock, sync/reset, and gate/trigger signals that keep the operations of multiple boards sample-synchronized. Two boards can use the bus in a master/slave relationship to achieve 8-channel synchronization.

The Model 78671 includes an industry-standard interface fully compliant with PCI Express Gen. 1 & 2 bus specifications. The x8 lane interface includes multiple DMA controllers for efficient transfers to and from the board.

This product is also offered in other formats. For information on these click on the model number below:

Model 71671: XMC


Model 72671: 6U cPCI


Model 53671: 3U VPX


Model 73671: 3U cPCI



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