Military Embedded Systems

Solid-state pulsed radar to guide Singapore Navy's new vessel program


August 15, 2016

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

ENFIELD, United Kingdom. Officials for the Republic of Singapore navy chose the SharpEye solid-state pulse Doppler navigation radar from Kelvin Hughes for the country's Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) program.

Because they use solid-state technology, SharpEye systems do not require a magnetron and transmit a low power, patented pulse sequence. Doppler processing adds another dimension to the analysis of the radar returns thus increasing the probability of detection of targets. Via a series of electronic filters, the system is able to distinguish between targets of interest and clutter caused by adverse weather conditions. Customizable waveforms may be configured for specific threats and to track specific targets, such as helicopters.

For more on solid-state pulsed radar, read "Solid-state pulse Doppler radar tracks small targets in high clutter environments."

The lead ship of the fleet, Independence, was delivered this spring and equipped with two I-Band (X-band) SharpEye systems. Another seven vessels are to be similarly deployed with the same I-Band SharpEye™ systems.

The eight LMVs will replace the Singapore navy’s current fleet of Fearless-class patrol vessels and will be configurable to perform a wide variety of operations.