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AirBorn's Series 360 Circular Interconnect System

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Series 360 IAirBorn’s Series 360® circular interconnect system is a supremely rugged and reliable interconnect solution designed with our fighting men and women in mind. With its small and sleek geometry, Series 360® offers OEMs a lightweight, watertight and easy-to-clean connector solution with myriad options to fit your product's unique purposes. Series 360 IIThe Push/Pull locking and Quick-DeMate® functionality are ideally suited for next-generation soldier communication systems, radars, avionics, embedded computers and much more. While on-the-go or in the heat of the battle, push/pull cables can be switched out to Quick-DeMate® cables without replacing the receptacle. That's freedom system designers are looking for!

On the battlefield, where reliability can mean difference between life and death, Series 360® excels most. Modern military personnel prove the ideal partner, applying Series 360® to: group voice and data radio, navigation modules, soldier control units, rugged computers, hand-held devices, GPS antennas, night-vision equipment, unmanned systems and land vehicles. The Series 360® is designed to work long, hard and reliably in the harshest environments imaginable.

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