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Never build a non-upgradable video processing system again. Make it modular.

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The FMC422 Dual Camera Link FMC (FPGA mezzanine card) - with dual base, medium, or full Camera Link connections – enables you to refresh or build powerful, low latency video processing systems by leveraging a modular solution that can be tightly coupled with an FPGA.

VITA 57.1 FMC compliant, the FMC422 is designed for demanding, mission critical video processing applications that require high performance capture or output together with FPGA processing. It is ideally suited for high bandwidth deployments such as degraded visual environments, active protection systems and autonomous vehicles.

Obsolescence mitigation

Camera Link has been on the market for a long time, and its low latency and high bandwidth characteristics make it a dependable option for many video processing applications.

However: monolithic video processing boards with Camera Link inputs can make it challenging to upgrade to the latest technology. Transitioning to the FMC422 and an FPGA board can enable tech insertion today, as well as provide a simpler path to future FMC module upgrades. This modular approach can also significantly mitigate the impact of obsolescence.

Significant advantages

The FMC422 offers three significant advantages when compared with alternative solutions.

  • A direct LVDS connection to the FPGA. Older generation transceiver technology cannot operate with modern FPGAs.
  • The potential to run at a faster data rate than the standard because of the direct connection to the FPGA.
  • You can leverage Abaco’s extensive systems expertise as well as ease integration complexity by using one partner for multiple aspects of your system development.

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