Military Embedded Systems

Shield AI acquires Sentient Vision Systems, forms Shield AI Australia


April 17, 2024

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image via Shield AI

WASHINGTON, D.C. Shield AI, a company that develops advanced AI pilot technologies, plans to acquire Sentient Vision Systems, an Australian company specializing in AI-enabled real-time situational awareness technologies, Shield AI announced in a statement.

The merger is intended to enhance the company's intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations and provide advanced ISR capabilities necessary for addressing the complexities of modern defense and security environments, the company says.

Shield AI’s acquisition of Sentient Vision Systems follows their previous cooperation on the Sentient Observer project, a wide area motion imagery solution that is part of a broader initiative to deliver cost-effective surveillance capabilities akin to those provided by more expensive drones and crewed aircraft, the statement reads. The integration of Sentient's ViDAR technology with Shield AI’s Hivemind AI pilot is intended to help smaller aircraft undertake missions typically reserved for larger aircraft.

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