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Next-gen optical sensor design in development for autonomous vehicles


January 04, 2022

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Innoviz image.

PITTSBURGH, Pa. Innoviz Technologies announced that the company will be using Ansys simulation solutions to drive the technology behind their automotive-grade LiDAR sensor to achieve autonomy for their customers. 

According to officials, LiDAR is designed to deliver the high-resolution, long-range 3D image perception needed to guide vehicle movement. However, companies are facing obstacles with the design of LiDARs not meeting industry size, weight, power, and cost standards. 

The success of the team was measured through simulation and testing of various aspects of LiDAR design and optics. Drawing on Ansys multiphysics capabilities, Innoviz relied on Ansys Mechanical,  Ansys Fluent, Zemax, and Ansys Maxwell simulation software to address LiDAR system complexity.

Through the simulation and testing, officials claim that an integration of components into a single chip was accomplished through minimal design iterations intended to enable a more compact LiDAR system. This solution is designed to meet the necessary automotive performance characteristics, size requirements, and cost that manufacturers are looking for.

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