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FACE-conformant digital cockpit display demoed at MOSA Summit by Curtiss-Wright, Wind River, others - News

June 17, 2024

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland. Curtiss-Wright, in collaboration with Wind River, Ansys, and CoreAVI, is demonstrating a new digital cockpit flight display at this year's MOSA Industry & Government Summit & Expo.


Next-gen semiconductor solutions to advance modern data centers - News

March 08, 2022

CANONSBURG, Pa. Ansys announced that it will be collaborating with GlobalFoundries (GF) to deliver innovative and feature-rich solutions in hopes of solving some of the most significant challenges facing data centers today.


Next-gen optical sensor design in development for autonomous vehicles - News

January 04, 2022

PITTSBURGH, Pa. Innoviz Technologies announced that the company will be using Ansys simulation solutions to drive the technology behind their automotive-grade LiDAR sensor to achieve autonomy for their customers. 


Hypersonics research and development led by UTA and Ansys - News

September 22, 2020

ARLINGTON, Texas. The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and Ansys are developing an advanced design and analysis workflow for validating system models in the U.S. government's current and next-generation hypersonic vehicles. The workflow is intended to fast-track certification of simulation software codes, help decrease hypersonic technology development spending, and increase engineering productivity.


Avionics development to be streamlined with Ansys SCADE - News

March 16, 2020
PITTSBURGH, Pa. Physical Optics Corporation (POC) is using Ansys simulation software solutions to develop avionics for U.S. military aircraft. Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Applications (Ansys SCADE for ARINC 661), will enable POC to reduce development time and accelerate certification with the intent to integrate new functionality at a lower cost and enable a faster path to market.

Ansys and Airbus to collaborate on autonomous flight to support Europe's Future Combat Air System - News

June 18, 2019
CANONSBURG, Pa. and OTTOBRUNN, Germany. Engineering-simulation company Ansys and aviation giant Airbus Defense and Space have announced that the pair will use an Ansys embedded-software solution to develop an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in support of Europe's Future Combat Air System (FCAS).