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Sonar upgrade installed on Navy minehunting fleet


May 08, 2012

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

WASHINGTON. Improved sonar detection technology for minehunting operations was installed by Naval Surface Warfare Center engineers on the on USS Guardian (MCM 5) in Sasebo, Japan, its home port. The AN/SQQ-32(V)4 minehunting sonar set is a high-frequency wideband upgrade to the current AN/SQQ-32(V)3 sonar.

The upgrade will enhance detection sonar capability in high clutter environments, deliver improved target resolution imagery, and increase instantaneous area search rates for stealthy targets. The combined sensor improvements will cover identified performance gaps as well as improve warfighter battle capability in littoral waters. This upgrade also cuts down on obsolescence issues.

The system installation upgraded the towed body, winch and tow cable, as well as new operator consoles and various interface assemblies.

The final phase of preparation for MCM 5 crew operations will consist of advanced operator training, which is currently scheduled for June. This training will prepare the sonar operators to use the sonar for minehunting operations.

The next installation is scheduled to begin this month aboard USS Patriot (MCM 7), which also is located in Sasebo, Japan. More installations are scheduled for another six MCMs in the Fifth and Seventh Fleets from fiscal year 2012-2015.


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