Military Embedded Systems

AI-based platform to detect cyberattacks


January 24, 2020

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Graphic courtesy of Thales.

FRANCE. Thales introduced Cybels Analytics, a cybersecurity platform relying on artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data analytics technologies. The platform is designed to detect cyber attacks in real time or in differed time (hunting). It operates as a single platform that allows individual users to adapt the AI algorithms to the specific operational context of each sector.

Cybels Analytics is a comprehensive attack detection solution. The platform combines real-time threat detection based on analysis of existing threats and preemptive search for advanced cyberattacks using artificial intelligence and graphic visualization modules.

The program uses machine learning algorithms developed by Thales to detect abnormal situations based on volumes of heterogeneous data from multiple sources to help identify attack patterns and previously unknown threats.

Cybels Analytics can be integrated with an on-premise Security Operations Centre (SOC) or provided as a service in the cloud. It is is also connected to the Thales Cyber Threat Intelligence service, intended to ensure a more exhaustive detection of untargeted attacks.



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