Military Embedded Systems

AI-powered electro-optical sight to provide intuitive combat info


September 10, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Elbit Systems photo.

ISRAEL. Elbit Systems announced the unveiling of the ARCAS, a built-in computerized artificial intelligence (AI) powered system that interfaces with the rifle’s electro-optical (EO) sight, with a helmet mounted eyepiece and with the rifle’s assemblies, to provide soldiers with real-time intuitive actionable combat information.

ARCAS provides passive range measurement, automatic ballistic correction, detection of fire sources, video motion detection, the ability to shoot around the corner and from the hip, interface with tactical command and control (C2), navigation assistance, friend or foe identification, tracking of stoppage and ammunition, and weapon zeroing without the need for live fire.

An AI-powered computer is integrated into the assault rifle’s forward grip, running software and a range of applications. The miniaturized computer unit receives and processes data collected from the soldier’s EO sight, tactical information from C2 systems, data from other ARCAS users in the team, and the rifle’s mechanical information.

The combat information is presented to the soldier as an intuitive augmented reality layer on top of the scenery that is seen through the EO sight or the helmet mounted eyepiece. Soldiers operate the system using a joystick button placed on the rifle’s forward grip and a Graphical User Interface inspired by the gaming world, according to the company.


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