Military Embedded Systems

Bringing data analytics, AI, ML to combat training


October 10, 2018

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Bringing data analytics, AI, ML to combat training
Image courtesy Zen Technologies

AUSA 2018--WASHINGTON. Training-services company Zen Technologies USA (Washington, D.C.) will partner with Paladin AI (Montreal, Canada) to develop technology that brings adaptive training to combat training systems.

An announcement from the companies reveals that the joint venture intends to apply data-mining and artificial intelligence (AI)  techniques to combat training for military land forces.

As novel and emerging threats demand continuous and thorough training of soldiers who come from different backgrounds and experience levels, all must be trained to the same high level of proficiency. However, the same training curriculum may not accommodate for each trainee’s unique competencies. Zen and Paladin AI say that adaptive training will personalize training curricula to maximize individual and collective combat readiness.

Adaptive training, according to information from the companies, uses the abundant data generated by modern training environments to measure trainee competency, gauge the effectiveness of individual training exercises on a per-competency basis, predict a trainee’s future performance based on current levels of competency, and make recommendations targeting specific weaknesses with specific exercises.

“Paladin AI’s powerful algorithms combine data-mining and machine-learning algorithms with Zen’s proven training systems to improve the complete training experience. This adaptive training produces customized training programs based on data captured during training, resulting in truly combat-ready soldiers.” said Pratish Shah, CEO of Zen Technologies USA, Inc.



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