Military Embedded Systems

Black Hawk helicopter passes military qualification for digital weapons systems


February 05, 2018

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Photo: Lockheed Martin

STRATFORD, Conn. Sikorsky Aircraft -- a Lockheed Martin company -- reports that it has completed qualification to military standards for its comprehensive weapons system for S-70M/S-70i Black Hawk helicopters.

The system, say Sikorsky officials, is fully integrated with the aircraft's existing avionics and enables either pilot to direct munitions quickly from forward firing guns, rocket pods, and laser-designated air-to-ground missile launchers onto static or moving targets with high accuracy.

Bill Gostic, Sikorsky vice president of Global Military Systems & Services, says of the system: "Once the weapons interfaces and electro-optical infrared sensor are integrated with the Black Hawk helicopter's existing controls and displays, international militaries can add external wings and weapons of choice in less than three hours to perform a range of medium attack missions."

The Black Hawk's weapons are carried by two external wings supporting four weapons stations, which can support any combination of fixed-forward 50-caliber (12.7mm) gun, 7- or 19-shot Hydra 70 rocket pods, or Hellfire air-to-ground missiles. The military-qualified configuration also features pilot-controlled fixed forward or crew-served flex-fire 7.62-mm miniguns mounted to both cabin windows.

According to Sikorsky company information, the weapons system presents continuously updated targeting symbology to each pilot's helmet mounted display; as the pilot follows the cues on the display, they can maneuver the aircraft, engage the target, and place the target designation for laser-guided Hellfire missiles.



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