Military Embedded Systems

Cybersecure navigation system in development with Thales and CS Group


November 01, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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FRANCE. Thales and CS Group have combined their complementary expertise to offer a high-performance, resilient, and cybersecure navigation system. The system comprises Thales's TopAxyz inertial navigation unit, which has performed in civil aviation. 

The TopAxyz inertial unit uses navigation information that is independent of sea state and vessel location, combined with a function that detects attempts to spoof GPS signals. The navigation data calculated by TopAxyz is distributed in real time by the Navigation Data Distribution System (NDDS) developed by CS GROUP's onboard computer.

According to officials, this computer uses technological advances in cybersecurity intended to guarantee resilience to attacks. Its architecture is designed to offer three key advantages: safer navigation, reduced costs and integration risks, ease of use and simplified maintenance of the system.

The new compact, high-performance maritime inertial navigation system has already demonstrated its maturity in an operational setting during its first sea trial on a military vessel. No calibration is required during the service life of the system, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.


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