Military Embedded Systems

S-70M Black Hawk helicopter receives FAA type certification in the Restricted Category


March 05, 2019

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Lockheed Martin photo

ATLANTA. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials granted Sikorsky?s S-70M Black Hawk helicopter the FAA?s type certification in the Restricted Category.

The type certificate will allow Sikorsky to request authorization from the FAA to produce S-70M aircraft for the following special purpose operations increasingly requested by the growing civil helicopter market: external cargo, agriculture operations, and forest and wildlife conservation.

Within the forest and wildlife conservation special purpose category, Restricted Category aircraft may drop water as part of an aerial firefighting operation. Increasingly, Sikorsky is receiving orders and inquiries from municipalities in California and other western states for the S-70 Firehawk, a modified Black Hawk that can fight wildland fires with a 1,000-gallon external water tank.

The S-70M is based on the UH-60M utility helicopter that Sikorsky has built for the U.S. Army.


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