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Autonomous space-mission networking contract with NASA won by Rebel Space Technologies


September 21, 2021

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Alexander Andrews/Unsplash

LONG BEACH, Calif. Software firm Rebel Space Technologies has won a NASA Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract for its proposal titled "SpaceWeaver: A Collaborative Smart Network for Space Communications," which posits that the company use its proprietary Rebel Cognitive Communications & Control software (Rebel-C3) to accomplish autonomous network management during space missions in tandem with its partner Prewitt Ridge's VerifAI capability.

The Rebel-C3 road map proposes that Rebel-C3 be used to create a distributed cognitive space communications network for lunar operations that would increase data return from missions and enhance network resource efficiencies for NASA missions. Rebel-C3 uses artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced distributed sensing and optimized data routing to ensure efficient and resilient operations in the often-unpredictable space environment.

The ultimate goal, say Rebel Space Technologies officials, is to coordinate the transfer and relay of mission data across the lunar architecture based on data priority, content, schedule, and environmental conditions.

Rebel Space Technologies cofounder Carrie Hernandez says that the R&D effort under the NASA Phase II SBIR contract is in line with the company's commercial goal of providing autonomous network management software to deliver a 10-times network performance improvement in challenging industrial environments.