Military Embedded Systems

High Data Rates Over The VPX Infrastructure


June 23, 2017

New possibilities in data transfer using latest fundamental protocols. The VPX VITA 46 has been one of the first modular computer open standards to define a connector and backplane Infrastructure allowing data transfers at rates in excess of one gigabit per physical channel. Users of the VPX could benefit from the same level of performance for input/output, graphics, and more generally computer data exchanges, at least up to an acceptable wattage for the target environment. After having successfully addressed the 5 Gbits/s level for the PCI Express® gen2, VPX is now ready to adopt the higher data rates required by the latest version of two fundamental protocols: PCIe gen3 at 8 Gbits/s and Ethernet at 10 Gbits/s.

Download Whitepaper

Download Whitepaper