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Seamless integration and management of all telemetry range assets in an intuitive user-friendly interface!

Press Release

January 11, 2021

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Future-proof your telemetry range infrastructure with GDP Space Systems' reliable, next-gen Telemetry-over-IP products and software to support your missions today and tomorrow.

Premier Test Ranges are selecting GDP Space Systems’ Telemetry Range Management Software (TRMS) to enable the seamless integration and management of new networked telemetry tracking, receiving, and data distribution assets in support of range modernization.

TRMS is an extensible software suite providing Test Directors, Range Management Officials, and other technical staff with complete visibility and critical status on their test and network assets before, during, and after the test mission. TRMS provides complete end-to-end control of all telemetry range network assets via an intuitive operator interface based on common language naming conventions (such as Site-N: Remote-1 or Channel-Z: Receiver 1: Output-2) as opposed to detail device configuration addresses. TRMS enables quick and accurate mission support development, modification, operation, and active mission management situations.

Hardware Components include: Telemetry Receivers, TMoIP Transport Devices, Telemetry Data Processors, Best Source Selectors, and Ethernet Recorders.

TRMS can provide an integrated high level setup, configuration, distribution, routing, processing, status, logging, and reporting application. Our effective TRMS application can simplify the installation, configuration and operation of the network based range system.

Used to configure range systems, set up and activate missions, and generate post mission reports, TRMS provides and easy-to-use, intuitive way to control all TMoIP equipment in a central coordinated environment.

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