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APC Technology Group Turns to Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) Storage Solutions for a Range of Military and Aerospace Projects

Press Release

May 12, 2022

ONEONTA, NY ̶ Since 1964, Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) has been a trusted, globally recognized manufacturer known for producing top-quality and reliable products throughout the military, commercial and industrial markets. For nearly 40 years, CEI has been working alongside specialist electronic components designer and distributer APC Technology Group (APC) to create unique, highly regarded solutions that include CEI’s storage products, such as its mica capacitors, busbars and batteries.

APC Technology specializes in creating reliable, highly specified solutions for the military and aerospace industries. The brand’s team of electronic engineers work directly with CEI in incorporating its custom mica capacitors and busbars into APC Technologies military and aerospace projects.

“We have a very long relationship with CEI,” says Richard Hodgson, Chief Executive at APC Technology Group. “We work with a lot of businesses, but CEI is one of our top partners. What CEI produces is unique and highly regarded within the industries we both work within. In addition, CEI consistently meets and exceeds requirements and delivery schedules.”

With almost 40 years of collaborative experience, APC Technology and CEI have created a successful partnership between the brands. “Given the environments these solutions are going into, extremely high and low temperatures and high altitude, it’s incredibly important to our end customers that we include only the highest quality products into our designs,” explains Hodgson. “CEI’s mica capacitors are a go-to product for a lot of our engineers. There are very few technologies that can withstand these environments.”

A delicate process, CEI mica capacitors are made of fragile mica paper, featuring layers of conductive and non-conductive material with hand-formed blades. “Over the years that we’ve dealt with CEI, there’s been no failure on any front,” Hodgson continues. “They can always deliver that kind of power performance when it’s required. We get fantastic products from them because their production site is fantastic. Everything is handmade, hand-wound and hand-cleaned. It’s a very well-made product that doesn’t fail, and that’s why customers keep coming back.”

Moving forward, APC is looking to incorporate CEI’s newest product, the CMP2500 portable battery system, into its storage solution designs. “We’re really excited about some of the new products that CEI is working on, including the new CMP2500,” says Hodgson. At the heart of the CMP2500 battery system are LiFePO4 lithium-iron phosphate cells. Each battery has a 2.5kWh capacity while the system provides up to 10 kWh capacity at 24 VDC or up to 5 kWh at 12 VDC. The batteries are housed in a rugged military-spec case that can be moved by one person, making it ideal for military and defense field and training applications including charging of drones, running simulations, targetry and silent watch.

“The quality, reliability and durability of CEI products in addition to the integrity of working with such a great group of people from CEI is second to none,” concludes Hodgson. “This is something that is sometimes lacking in the modern world; CEI is an amazing company.”

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