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Best in Show awards selected at WEST 2019


February 13, 2019

SAN DIEGO. Military Embedded Systems is excited to announce today the winners of our Best in Show Award contest, which we?re holding this week for our supporters exhibiting at the 28th annual WEST 2019 naval conference and exposition. Contest winners ? drawn from military embedded systems exhibitors at the event ? are recognized for the improved performance and innovation they bring to military technology applications.

WEST is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, both of whom have put together another excellent event. To learn more about West 2019, visit

For the Best in Show Award, four-star, three-star, and two-star recognition will be given in multiple categories, with four stars as the top recognition. Winning entries are based on the counsel of an independent committee of industry judges.


Figure 1: Mercury Systems' RES Trust 1U. Photo courtesy of Mercury Systems.

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Mercury Systems' RES Trust 1U features a U.S.-designed and -manufactured motherboard, up to 120 TB of storage in four disk drives, high speed I/O, expansion slots, and enhanced reliability features. The solution can be configured with a variety of nation-state-level security features to deliver performance for the most sensitive and mission-critical applications. Extensible BuiltSECURE architectures can be used across processor generations, thereby preserving security development to reduce overall cost and program risk. Mercury Systems' specialized Security Engineering teams work with customers to provide vulnerability assessments, technical training, classified RMAs, and product-specific protection schemes. The RES Trust 1U solution offers optional secure storage with military-grade data protection.

Figure 1: BiTMICRO Networks Inc’s RAMPART Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security Modules and Management Software. Photo courtesy of BiTMICRO Networks.

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BiTMICRO Networks Inc’s RAMPART Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security Modules and Management Software offer a unique hardware-based security solution for data that is stored and/or transmitted from remote or mobile military platforms. RAMPART modules are rugged, compact, low-power/high-capacity storage modules that are easy to integrate and centrally manage. Data is encrypted while stored on the RAMPART module and remains encrypted while transmitted to a RAMPART-enabled local host. With RAMPART, if data is intercepted at any point, it will be encrypted by AES-256 and unreadable. Only an authenticated user can access the data at the local host.

Walk the show – congratulate the winners – take advantage of West 2019, the premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast. #West2019 enables the makers of platforms and the designers of technologies to network, discuss, and demonstrate their solutions in a single locale.

Didn't get a chance to submit your product to West 2019? Click here to get your product considered for a Best In Show Award for the next show!