Military Embedded Systems

Viasat's new antenna designed to support deep space DoD missions


January 21, 2022

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Viasat photo.

CARLSBAD, Calif. Viasat Inc. announced the availability of an advanced class of large-aperture antennas, which will be designed to provide enhanced space-to-ground communications for upcoming Earth observation missions, manned and unmanned missions to the Moon, Mars, and other deep space and Department of Defense (DoD) initiatives.

According to the company, the new class of full-motion multi-band antennas, which range from 19.7 to 24.0 meters in diameter, offer robust capability enhancements when compared to other legacy solutions that still use dated technology.

Officials claim that Viasat's key antenna enhancements include full-motion high-dynamic pedestal with precise tracking to support multi-orbit missions, an integrated radio frequency (RF) architecture paired with precision reflector surface accuracy, and a robust suite of software designed with high cybersecurity standards.

The company also asserts that the antenna features capabilities like RF designs that are intended to support use of extremely high-power amplifiers in multiple bands, and advanced high-rate modems that will aim to support emerging industry standard interfaces and software defined radio (SDR) frameworks.

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