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3U cPCI Single Board Computer with Multi-Function I/O - Eletter Product

June 05, 2012
The 75SBC4 is a single slot 3U cPCI low-power and high-performance Single Board Computer (SBC) with dual high speed/performance function module slots for configurable multi-function I/O interface expansion. Powered by the Freescale 1.2 GHz QorIQ P2041 Power Architecture? processor, the 75SBC4 offers an extremely low power, cost-conscious SBC solution for today's demanding, space constrained and resource-limited embedded systems. Two I/O module slots enable integrators to mix-n-match a variety of I/O and communication functions.

All discretes are not created equal - Story

September 16, 2011
In modern military, aerospace, and industrial control systems, the Discrete I/O interface is so common that it is often overlooked in the early design integration phase. This can lead to missed operational envelope considerations and other interfacing issues that might yield further complexity, increased cost, and missed operational Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) savings.

"Smart" COTS multifunction I/O designs revolutionize data distribution systems - Story

October 06, 2010
As modern and future platforms increasingly rely on electronics for control, weapons management, and sensor data integration, the number of sensors and control points used in these platforms has expanded exponentially. Coinciding with this expansion is a significant increase in the requirements for handling this sensor data, while real-estate savings needs and redundancy requirements increase.