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SBS Technologies
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Filling the gaps in COTS subsystem integration - Story

April 02, 2007
As the digital battlefield takes shape, it is becoming ever more difficult to define the boundaries and requirements for embedded computing systems.

MicroTCA looks set to make military impact - Story

February 24, 2007
MicroTCA looks set to become the first serious contender to bridge the gap between the telecommunication and military markets, and could provide the breakthrough for standards-based, embedded computing into the military communications infrastructure that will become the backbone of the digital battlefield and the GIG.

Packaged, small form factor computing - Story

October 30, 2005
With the growth in Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) adoption over the past 10 years, more and more rugged, mission-critical, high-reliability applications have migrated to off-the-shelf solutions typified primarily by VME. While VME may be the market le...

FPGAs gearing up to dominate DSP applications - Story

October 30, 2005
AltiVec PowerPCs have enjoyed dominance in high-end military signal processing applications such as Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and video/image compression. But FPGAs, with their inherent parallelism and reprogrammability, are fast becoming prevalent ...

Evolution and Adoption of Commercial Technologies for Avionics I/O - Story

July 22, 2005
Most military aircraft have two major avionics systems which today are only tenuously linked to each other ? the flight control system and the mission system. The flight control system includes everything that is required to fly the aircraft: coc...

The Evolving COTS Vendor Stays One Step Ahead - Story

May 26, 2005
It?s tough being an open-standards COTS vendor today. It is not good enough to build products (rugged or benign) using the best civilian technologies; vendors also need additional capabilities that include systems-level expertise. Increasingly, t...