Military Embedded Systems

Cybersecurity simulation and training collaboration forged by SAIC, root9B


December 22, 2016

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

MCLEAN, Virginia. Officials at Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) and root9B have joined hands to provide advanced cybersecurity training and simulation environments to military and other government users. Under the agreement, the companies will focus on redefining how organizations ready their personnel to perform cyber operations via tailored training, dynamic simulation, and realistic scenarios.

“Traditional training pipelines have focused on developing core learning objectives in an academic environment before introducing students to operationally relevant scenarios," says Mike Morris, root9B Chief Technology Officer. "The unfortunate side effect of this divide-and-conquer methodology is an attrition of knowledge, failure to establish relevancy, and increased time to operational effectiveness. This partnership with SAIC counters this instructional weakness by providing the best learning environment possible while presenting students with challenging real-world cybersecurity operations, scenarios, and incidents.”

Leveraging SAIC’s new training platform, SAIC Integrated Training Edge, root9B’s cyber operations training and DAEDALUS cyber range content, will provide a tailored, agile, and modular training platform that supports cyber force certification. SAIC’s platform, or SITE, integrates SAIC’s people, processes, tools, and technologies into one ecosystem.

“This collaboration will enable operationally-focused teams to receive immersive training in areas like Joint Operations Planning Process (JOPP), cyber operations, and advanced training in Operational Design and Operational Art,” says Josh Jackson, SAIC Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Training and Simulation Service Line.


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