Military Embedded Systems

DevSecOps solution in development for U.S. Navy


March 09, 2022

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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ARLINGTON, Va. SOLUTE, a Sigma Defense company, announced that it has won a U.S. Navy Digital Integration Support Cell (DISC) task order to facilitate development security operations (DevSecOps) for NAVAIR's Minotaur Family of Services (MFoS).

According to the company, SOLUTE will stand up MFoS – which links sensors, cameras, radar, and communications equipment into a single system for greater surveillance efficiency – in a secure cloud environment to provide improved scale for access, security, collaboration, performance, test, and validation.

SOLUTE's work on behalf of MFoS will leverage existing work done as part of the Black Pearl platform to facilitate the systems integration for continuous development, scaled testing, and delivery in a secure cloud DevSecOps environment.

The cloud environment leverages the Black Pearl Party Barge, a common environment and DevSecOps baseline allowing for the creation and maintenance of modern software factories. Officials claim the modular nature of the environment will allow rapid integration of existing environments and enable continuous development, testing, and delivery.


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