Military Embedded Systems

Intelligent virtual training system developed for U.S. Air Force


November 01, 2019

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Charles River Analytics Inc. has announced it is working alongside The DiSTI Corporation, provider of virtual maintenance training solutions, to develop its Evaluation-Driven Active Guide for Learning Procedural Events (EAGLE). EAGLE is Charles River?s intelligent virtual trainer intended to help U.S. Air Force satellite communications students learn and remember complex procedures on the Hawkeye III Lite.

The Hawkeye III is a standalone, ground-based satellite communications system that provides network support for command and control backup and long-term mission relay.

According to the company, the EAGLE virtual training system will allow students what is otherwise a rare chance for hands-on training. Company officials also claim that it will cut training costs and decrease the chance for error caused by a lack of refresher training.

To support EAGLE, Charles River Analytics partnered with DiSTI to leverage the VE Studio maintenance training development platform to create the virtual environment for the Hawkeye III Lite Radar.



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