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Webcast: Making the Grade with Linux and Cybersecurity at the Intelligent Edge

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October 21, 2020

As intelligent edge deployments accelerate, we have reached a crossroads where many are being forced to choose between the accessibility, ease of use, flexibility, and leading-edge capabilities of open source software and the safety and security of systems in the field. How we proceed has the potential to lead massive transformation in the embedded industry.

“Using open source early in the proof-of-concept cycle means taking advantage of the rapid pace of open source innovation,” says Matt Jones, Chief Architect at Wind River. “Taking your solution to market comes with additional measures meant to protect your device throughout its lifecycle.”

Learn how you can use Linux to capitalize on both the proof-of-concept and go-to-market phases of the development lifecycle, tune in for a fast-based micro video series, “Making the Grade with Linux and Cybersecurity at the Intelligent Edge,” hosted by Wind River’s Michael Mehlberg. The in-depth, seven-part series teaches viewers the cybersecurity, compliance, and performance requirements for electronic systems at the intelligent edge, as well as how to implement them, in less than 25 minutes.

The topics are:

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Mehlberg, a 17-year veteran of anti-tamper, reverse-engineering, threat modeling, risk assessment, and system security technology will guide you through these and other aspects of the secure development lifecycle so you can realize the potential of using robust open-source Linux at the intelligent edge.


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