Military Embedded Systems

Navy pilots to get intuitive mission planning tools from Charles River Analytics


June 08, 2018

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image by Charles River Analytics

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. U.S. Navy officials tapped Charles River Analytics for the the Intuitive User Interfaces for Task-Tailored Planning (INTUIT) contract, in which they will create mission planning tools for Navy pilots. The two-year contract is valued at $750,000.

Under contract, Charles River is creating user interfaces for more intuitive and efficient mission planning. INTUIT’s card-based UI solution provides pilots with quick access to a wide range of different mission planning tools without navigating complex, deep menu structures. When appropriate, INTUIT will also offer opportunities for incorporating more advanced planning functionality.

Stephanie Kane, Principal Investigator on INTUIT and Senior Scientist at Charles River, explains that through their user interface design, pilots can take advantage of mission planning systems by "providing clear and predictable interaction methods that can be tailored to specific roles and tasks. We’re addressing the complexities of current mission planning tools while shaping the future of mission planning for naval pilots. We’re also advancing the state of the art for composable user interface methods.”


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