Military Embedded Systems

Government blockchain experts team up for U.S. DoD data-security contract


May 19, 2023

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Stock photo/Pixabay

SAN FRANCISCO. Open-source blockchain vendor Constellation Systems announced a strategic partnership with SIMBA Chain, a cloud-based, multi-blockchain enterprise development platform, as Constellation enters its next contract with the U.S. Air Force. ,

Under the terms of the most recent contract, the company was tasked with selecting a chain-agnostic and open-architecture blockchain framework to bring into the effort. Constellation Network and SIMBA Chain will produce a bridge demonstrating blockchain data interoperability in a simulated Department of Defense (DoD) environment using the Constellation Network Layer 0 (L0) standard. According to the company announcement, the L0 will function as a "chain of chains," supporting feeless data exchanges between blockchains; also, the L0 standard will use other Web3 blockchains for data transport and capability redundancy through a resilient, network fallback. Constellation is ultimately responsible for delivering the ability for multiple blockchain networks to securely talk with each other.

Constellation is also working with SIMBA Chain in its effort to orchestrate critical mission data using smart contracts to support multi-author data exchange applications for participating federal commercial partners.


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