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LIVE: New Military Embedded Systems website


June 10, 2020

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. Our new website and new URL: are now live. We are very excited. A big thank you to our development team, production team, and editorial staff for bringing our new online home together. Check out some highlights and key categories below and then browse away.

Our new website has a new color-coded category structure highting the key application areas in defense and aerospace world that leverage emebdded hardware and software technology  -- Avionics, Unmanned, Radar/EW [Electronic Warfare], AI, Cyber, and Communications. Each also has drop down menus of subcatogries that cover areas such as signal processing, rugged computing, sensors, power electronics, encryption, GPS, satellites, and more.

Website highlights

- Intuitive new design for user experience
- Re-categorization of all content, targeting the key application areas for aerospace and defense engineers engineers, getting them the new content they want
- Revised search tool to make content more searchable and browseable
- Fully mobile design – no more squinting at your phone
- Military-specific webcast archive access
- Accessible magazine and newsletter archives

Stay tuned to our social media pages for continued updates or contact me with any questions at [email protected]. Happy browsing!

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