Military Embedded Systems

Operation Homefront


February 03, 2017

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Operation Homefront

Each issue in this section, the editorial staff of Military Embedded Systems will highlight a different charity that benefits military veterans and their families. We are honored to cover the technology that protects those who protect us every day. To back that up, our parent company – OpenSystems Media – will make a donation to every charity we showcase on this page.

This issue we are highlighting Operation Homefront, a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance for U.S. military troops and wounded service members when they return home. The organization also raises funds to provide financial and community assistance to families while troops are participating in a tour of duty.

Founded in San Antonio, Texas, in 2002, Operation Homefront works in close partnership with a variety of corporations and partners to help military families with short-term critical assistance, working toward long-term stability, and recurring family support needs.

One of the organization’s major efforts is its “Homes on the Homefront” program: Through a partnership with Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, the program donates mortgage-free homes to eligible military families. According to Operation Homefront, the program has granted more than 100 homes to qualifying veterans and military families. Another housing program is a transitional housing initiative, which enables young veterans returning from service to live rent-free while they undergo the transition process back to civilian life. These returnees also participate in support groups, financial counseling, and career planning workshops.

Operation Homefront also runs other programs, including “Military Child of the Year,” “Hearts of Valor” (for caregivers), the “Back to School Brigade” school-supply collection program, and “Holiday Meals for the Military.”

The organization’s 23 locations serves 43 U.S. states, with the national office handling cases in states that lack a local office.

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