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EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Aegis Power Systems showcases SOSA aligned solutions at MOSA Industry & Government Summit

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June 13, 2024

EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Aegis Power Systems showcases SOSA aligned solutions at MOSA Industry & Government Summit

Aegis Power Systems, located at booth #129 at the MOSA Industry and Government Summit, recently engaged with a customer tasked with integrating a Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) aligned platform to host artificial intelligence-enabled military detection and guidance technology. Among the many benefits, this cutting-edge technology enhances end-use customers’ navigational accuracy and provides more efficient real-time decision-making capabilities to the warfighter.


One of our customers' many challenges was sourcing a power supply meeting the complex demands of Artificial Intelligence computing. As AI technology becomes a prominent part of the military infrastructure, we expect interoperability between platforms will remain essential for critical mission success. Co-development led to a new conclusion: extending SOSA standards to include declaration of transient load tolerances is essential to integrating SOSA aligned power supplies with AI and other highly transient power demand systems.


The solution for our customer was the Aegis Power System’s VPX1PH6UC1K-SA. The 6U SOSA aligned   card is the first available on market to offer 264VAC Single-Phase Input to 1kW DC output.  The disciplined application of Global 8D learnings through the system integration process ensured this power supply integrates balanced parallelable power in a deterministic way when faced with highly transient loads inherent to field-programmable gate array (FPGA) based applications.


Working closely with industry partners, application-dependent gaps in the SOSA standards were identified, leading to lasting solutions solving complex problems when followed.  Aegis expects to share these learnings to advance the SOSA standards and improve the military’s success with other SOSA standard products across the board.  Most important of all, the learnings from this effort led to better definition of the interoperability standards ensuring all brands of power supplies and Artificial intelligence-enabled systems always operate reliably in support of our modern warfighter.


The SOSA standard lays the fundamental groundwork allowing multiple vendors to agree on specification modifications and design solutions to develop agile field products. As artificial intelligence computing gains prominence in the military’s infrastructure, Aegis is committed to promoting improvements in the SOSA standards impacting the interoperability between these and other subsystems.  This commitment and Aegis’ proven experience in Power Conversion Systems is essential in rapidly delivering mission critical products.


We welcome anyone interested in viewing our 6U SOSA aligned unit and witnessing our live 3U SOSA Aligned IPMI at Booth #129.

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