Military Embedded Systems

Automated geospatial RF data collection enabled through Mission Space platform


February 11, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

HawkEye 360 image.

HERNDON, Va. HawkEye 360 Inc., company specializing in formation-flying satellites to create a new class of radio frequency (RF) data and analytics, launched Mission Space, the first commercial platform purpose-built to facilitate the analysis of RF geospatial intelligence.

The company claims that through visualizing a holistic picture of worldwide RF activity, Mission Space is intended to bridge the interpretation gap between the collection and analysis of RF data.

Mission Space is desinged to automate the ingestion and visualization of RF signal data and analytics, aiming to allow analysts to intuitively manipulate and explore available information within one frame of view. Analysts can see trends and patterns and in-depth detail about RF signals, all while maintaining a summary of RF activity for context.

According to the company, Mission Space leverages HawkEye 360's proprietary algorithms to identify and characterize specific behaviors tied to RF signal data. Mission Space also merges contextual maritime information to specific RF geolocations to include a vessel's identity, history, past sanction violations, and identified behavior to enhance situational awareness.

By automating these workflows, Mission space aims to allow analysts to identify critical insights and gather actionable intelligence more quickly to keep pace with evolving events.

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