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3U and 6U VPX Development Chassis help streamline integration activities

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eFrameStreamline your VPX system development efforts and rapidly improve your time to market and time to deployment with Elma’s VPX E-Frame development platforms. Our Type 39E E-Frame chassis are perfect for use in lab environments for software and hardware product development or for application demos. They provide easy access for probing, debugging and establishing VPX backplane connections during the development process. In addition, Elma can take you from development to deployment as you work with our experienced team of integration specialists. Bring your project full circle with our complete line of deployment ready chassis and our selection of backplanes, payload cards and development accessories. E-frames are also available with a wide range of VME, VME64X, VPX, VXS and cPCI backplanes.


  • Available for 3U and 6U board sizes
  • From 2 to 16 VPX slots, up to 21 slots for other board form factors
  • Front and rear accessible test points
  • Rear transition module support
  • Power supply, cooling and slot count options
  • Half and full width versions (42HP or 84HP)
  • Convenient handle for easy transport


  • Our integration team will assist you in the development of the deployed system
  • Choose from Elma’s industry leading development and application backplane options
  • Quickly and seamlessly move to the deployed chassis with Elma’s wide selection of field proven chassis solutions
  • Leverage Elma’s in house and partner payload boards to complete your system

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