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DO-254 Safety-Certifiable Video Capture & Graphics Module: The VPX3-719

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The VPX3-719 is a rugged, high-performance 3U OpenVPX graphics processing module with video capture and support for HD-SDI video interfaces.

VPX3-719Available with a full DO-254 artifacts package, the VPX3-719 significantly reduces the risk, cost, and development time associated with custom DO-254 and DO-178 safety-certifiable solutions.

The VPX3-719’s large complement of dedicated video memory, combined with its high performance, make it ideal for use in demanding graphics rich applications that require extensive video processing and display capabilities. Designed for high reliability, the VPX3-719 module is especially well-suited to support embedded training, moving maps, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 360 degree situational awareness, Degraded Visual Environment (DVE), and other graphics, video and compute-intensive applications.

The VPX3-719 features up to six independent display outputs, including four DVI outputs directly from the GPU, as well as customizable video inputs and outputs.

This field-proven module offers RTOS driver support for Power Architecture®, Intel®, and Arm® processors, as well as OS support for Linux®, Wind River® VxWorks®, Green Hills Software INTEGRITY®, Lynx Software Technologies LynxOS®, and Microsoft® Windows®.

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