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New SOSA™ Aligned / OpenVPX Innovations from Pixus Technologies

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Pixus is a leader in OpenVPX backplane & chassis platforms for your SOSA/HOST/CMOSS or other application.   Our modular products and vast array of designs greatly reduces lead-time, cost, and risk for your system requirement.  

SlotSaver Mezzanine based SOSA aligned VPX Chassis Manager

VPX Chassis ManagerThe SlotSaver VPX chassis manager is a mezzanine-based approach that allows for chassis management without sacrificing a slot. The SHM300 is designed to the latest SOSA requirements and utilizes 100% US-based software/firmware. The chassis manager is used to monitor/manage the FRUs (Field Replacement Units) plugged into the SOSA/OpenVPX chassis platform. Features include chassis discovery of plug-in boards, information storage, cooling management, SDR-based sensor initialization, and other chassis control and event handling.   

MIL Rugged Rackmount SOSA™ Aligned Chassis With Advanced Cooling

MIL Rugged Rackmount SOSA™ Aligned ChassisPixus now offers a MIL rugged 19” rackmount chassis for 3U OpenVPX and SOSA aligned boards. The chassis was designed specifically for the high-power requirements of solutions that are aligned to the SOSA technical standard. The rugged rackmount chassis supports up to 16 conduction-cooled modules per SOSA requirements and VITA 48.2 specifications. A specialized card mat set diverts heat to fins which spread the heat away from the card cage. Rear MIL grade fans then pull airflow through the fins to cool in excess of 100W/slot, depending on the application specifics.

Development ChassisDevelopment Chassis for 3U or 6U SOSA OpenVPX 

With off-the-shelf components, the Pixus open frame enclosures feature power and ground slots with VITA 67.3c interfaces for 3U or 6U boards.  The design includes SOSA management signals, and options for modules with grounded rows.   Supports air and/or conduction-cooled modules and speeds up to 100GbE. 

MIL-grade Rackmount Chassis Platform With VITA 48.8 Air-Flow-Through Design  
MIL-grade Rackmount Chassis Platform
For the advanced cooling requirements of today’s SOSA / OpenVPX systems, Pixus offers chassis platforms with Air-Flow-Through (AFT) module and Air-Flow-By (AFB) design options.  This design can be incorporated in 19” rackmount MIL chassis for 3U or 6U boards.   

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