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ParallelCell MCP: Memory Packaging Technology for Defense/Aerospace

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ParallelCell MCPViking Technology ParallelCell Multi-Chip Package (MCP) is part of the extreme density line of DDR4 memory products optimized for the embedded, industrial, and military/aerospace markets. ParallelCell products achieve significantly higher memory performance and density per cubic inch than conventional memory DIMMs.  These performance and density milestones will critically change the way future system hardware is designed and deployed. 

Key Features:

  • Very small footprint: Saves up to 85% board space vs. Standard DIMM Modules 
  • Rugged: Soldered-down – No DIMM connector 
  • Very high memory capacity per cu. in. 
  • Superior signal integrity 
  • Very high memory bandwidth per cu. in. 
  • Lower cost motherboard due to easier DDR routing

Viking’s ParallelCell MCP is a compact and rugged DDR4 memory module designed for SWaP optimized applications. At 8GB & 16GB density, with data width of X32, X40, and X72, the configurations are ideal for applications utilizing computer modules of COMe, PC/104, SMARC, Qseven, XMC, AMC, and most custom embedded systems.

Military Applications and Defense/Aerospace Market Solutions:
Viking Technology’s Multi-Chip Package products are designed for the rugged environment of military and space applications. They are rigorously tested and independently verified to MIL-STD-883 to operate in harsh environments:

  • SWaP-optimized
  • Space-constrained
  • Vehicle-based
  • High Shock & Vibration
  • Ruggedized
  • Harsh Environments
  • Extended Temp

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