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TCG Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) for Tactical Data Link (TDL) network testing and simulation

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TCG BOSSCurtiss-Wright's TCG Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) is the leading Link 16 standards compliant Tactical Data Link (TDL) simulation and test software solution on the market. It allows government test organizations, industry systems providers, and military R&D organizations to reliably and consistently certify TDL implementations to assure interoperability and conformance with military standards.

TCG BOSS can be used for TDL system certification, laboratory platform integration, depot-level maintenance, training or DT/OT field-testing. TCG BOSS provides comprehensive message scripting and generation, network simulation, network terminal emulation in real-time and post-test monitoring and analysis from a single integrated console.

TCG BOSS’s familiar Windows-based GUI, combined with TCG’s own simplified approach to TDL interaction, provides the most intuitive user experience for TDL testing, minimizing training time. Capable of creating a complete and very realistic test environment that can include virtual command and control (C2) assets, network enabled weapons, targets, threats, and simulated network participants, TCG BOSS is a powerful TDL network simulator and exerciser.

Today, over 300 TCG BOSS systems are operationally deployed globally.  Certification and testing agencies as well as the leading prime contractors around the world depend on TCG BOSS to verify that their TDL implementations being delivered on military platforms conform to Link 16, Link 11, JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, DIS and related TDL standards and interface definitions.

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