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Ultra-Low Latency DRFM-Optimized Mezzanine Cards

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These ultra-low latency mezzanine cards are specifically designed for DRFM applications with latency as low as 15ns from SMA to SMA.

Ultra-Low Latency DRFM-Optimized Mezzanine Cards have been designed from the ground up for latency-sensitive DRFM applications. The Board Support Interface, which is available in VHDL or Open Project Builder™, was designed from the beginning to be suited for DRFM applications. This interface provides a Digital Bypass Mode to achieve the lowest possible latency and a Fabric Space Mode to allow the user to do additional processing and manipulation of the ADC data before returning it out the DAC. The Fabric Space Mode adds as little as 8ns of latency. The Board Support Interface also includes a built-in Bypass Delay. This allows the user to “walk” the latency out from the minimum Digital Bypass Mode latency to slightly beyond the Fabric Space Latency, providing for a smooth latency transition between the two modes.

Open Project Builder™, Annapolis’ FPGA Design Tool, allows the user to design a DRFM-optimized application in minutes.


  • Single or Dual Channel available running at up to 5GSps each
  • Ultra-Low latency from ADC SMA input to DAC SMA output
    • Digital Bypass Mode (SMA-to-SMA): as low as 15ns
    • Fabric Space Mode (SMA-to-SMA): as low as 23ns
  • Digital Bypass Mode has built-in run-time adjustable delay providing additional delay from 0ns up to 124 Sclk periods
  • Support for a variety of WILDSTAR™ mainboards
  • Firmware and Software Board Support Interface provided in Open Project Builder
  • Converter channels can be synchronized

Founded in 1982, Annapolis Micro Systems (AMS) is the leader in FPGA-based super-high-performance systems utilized for signal processing applications for defense and commercial requirements.

AMS systems are truly COTS-based due to the development of a breakthrough product line – WILDSTAR™ – and ecosystem – WILD40™ – that feature unprecedented interoperability, scalability, and forward/backward compatibility.

All AMS products are engineered and manufactured under one roof in the United States. This co-location of engineering and manufacturing allows for better quality control and production flexibility, and significantly more aggressive delivery schedules.

Time to market is also accelerated by AMS’s Open Project Builder™, an open application development tool that significantly simplifies and speeds programming.

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