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VME and cPCI 10G / 40G Ethernet Switches and Routing Engines

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ComEth4070e_V100_frameNeed 10/40 GigE Performance in VME and cPCI?  Meet high bandwidth application requirements  without a complete system overhaul.

Elma Electronic along with Interface Concept, introduces the latest entries in our line of high-speed networking products – the ComEth4070e for VME 64x and ComEth 4050e for cPCI 422_ComEth4050e(PICMG 2.16) systems.

Both 6U Ethernet switching and routing boards feature blazingly fast 1/10/40GigE connectivity and advanced layer 3 routing with copper and fiber connectivity. With up to 32 ports depending on the specific configuration, each provides managed network capabilities for large scale installations.

In addition, the 4070e and 4050e are fully backward compatible with our popular 4070a, 4030a and 4050a 6U layer 2/3 Ethernet switches which are field proven and widely deployed across numerous defense and industrial applications. Consequently, the 4070e and 4050e enable cost-effective high-speed upgrades in existing systems and the highest speeds available for new installations.

Consult Elma for 100Mbs fiber support.

Powered by the latest Marvell switching fabric, the 4070e and 4050e share these common features:


Elma is the North American sales, support and integration services provider for Interface Concept, a leading provider of advanced networking products.



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