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Rugged video display released by Curtiss-Wright


September 10, 2012

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

LAINDON, United Kingdom. Engineers at Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS), have designed a new rugged widescreen display -- the Skyquest AVDU4300. The 17-inch device has full 1080p resolution and is designed for military and law enforcement applications.

The AVDU4300’s digital and analog inputs can connect with electro-optical turrets directly or through a Curtiss-Wright video distribution unit. The new display also features hard bezel keys for core controls such as power and brightness, and soft-touch screen keys for customized functions like video recorder control. The display supports optional touch screen control of digital moving maps for surveillance and navigation applications and its quad-screen feature enables ground vehicle or airborne crew members to view up as many as four live video images simultaneously.

The Skyquest AVDU4300 is the first product of a new generation of widescreen, high-resolution rugged mission displays from CWCDS. This display can operate in a standalone configuration, but also can be integrated with a video distribution unit as a part of the Skyquest Video Management System (VMS), which enables control over all video signals in the system using bezel keys, soft-buttons or discrete control panels. Multiple video sources, recorders, and displays are supported by the VMS and constrained only by the number of outputs on a particular distribution unit.

Features include a resistive touchscreen; a built-in heater for operation in cold climates as standard; support of multiple video inputs such as HD-SDI and a day/night discrete switch for lighting mode changes; and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) filtering conforming to MIL-STD-3009 NVIS B (in which case the display is fitted with a dual LED light source using white LEDs for full color daylight operations). The AVDU4300’s bezel LEDs and key backlighting are NVG filtered as standard. Other features include 1920 by 1080 native resolution, optically bonded glass for improved anti-reflective performance, and video inputs via D38999 connector:

For more information on the AVDU4300, call Jerri-Lynne Charbonneau at 613-254-5112, email at [email protected], or visit


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