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SATURN – the new rugged Apollo Lake E3940 small form factor SBC from Diamond Systems

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SaturnSATURN, Diamond Systems’ newest 2-in-1 single board computer, combines both CPU and data acquisition on a single board to reduce cost, save space, and decrease weight. Saturn features the Intel "Apollo Lake" x5-E3940 1.6GHz (burstable 1.8GHz) quad-core Atom processor with extended lifecycle.

Saturn was designed from the ground up with a comprehensive set of features to meet the challenges of rugged environments and applications:

  • 4GB non-ECC or 8GB ECC RAM soldered down
  • 50% thicker PCB and latching connectors increase resistance to shock and vibration
  • Bottom side heat spreader with integrated thermal pad for efficient cooling and convenient mounting
  • -40 to +85ºC industrial operating temperature range

Saturn features a full analog and digital I/O subsystem with autocalibration technology for maximum measurement accuracy (+/-2LSB max error). The circuit offers 16 analog inputs with 16-bit resolution and 250KHz sampling rate, 4 analog outputs with 16-bit resolution, 24 digital I/O with 3.3V / 5V compatibility, 8 PWM circuits, and 8 counter/timers. All features are supported by Diamond’s Universal Driver software that features a programming library, sample code, and a GUI-based control and monitor program.

Saturn includes multiple expansion capabilities:

  • PCIe/104 “OneBank” I/O expansion connector with 4 PCIe x1 and 2 USB 2.0 connections
  • Minicard expansion socket with PCIe and USB connections for versatile low-cost I/O
  • M.2 2242 SATA socket supporting up to 1TB flashdisk

Saturn measures 4.0”H x 4.5”W / 102x114mm and is available in 4 models to meet various levels of performance and features. It will be available to ship by October 2021.


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