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COM-based SBC

The number one challenge faced by most embedded computer users is the eventual obsolescence of the processor or computer board in their application. Dealing with obsolescence is time consuming and expensive, and it carries a high element of risk. A COM-based SBC is the ideal way to eliminate or alleviate obsolescence concerns. It consists of a COM Express module mounted on a carrier board that provides additional I/O and expansion, plus a heat spreader for conduction cooling and mounting.

Benefits of COM-Based SBCs

  • Extended product lifetime - if the COM you're using becomes obsolete, another one can be used in its place easily, with no mechanical changes required to the system. This enables COM-based embedded systems to easily last 20 years, since most of the baseboard electronics usually have much longer lifecycles than the processor and related peripherals contained on the COM.
  • Scalable CPU performance - you can swap out one COM for another in the exact same form factor but with a different CPU. This allows your system to be easily upgraded when software demands increase.
  • Higher feature density / smaller overall size - the stacked 2-board design means you get more features per unit area in your system. Many of our COM-based SBCs are able to include integrated data acquisition circuitry and additional I/O for this reason, earning them the additional distinction of "2-in-1" SBCs.
  • Earlier access to the latest CPU technology - Most new processors are introduced in COMs long before they are available in true single-board computer form. With a COM-based SBC you can upgrade your system with the latest CPU sooner.
  • Consistent platform across product lines - the CPU scalability and interchangeability mean that a single physical form factor can be used in multiple applications requiring different CPU capability, with no mechanical redesign required.

Need something special? We can customize our standard products to fit your application or design a full-custom COM carrier or single-board computer from scratch using our extensive library of I/O technologies. Take advantage of our 30 years of experience in developing embedded computing solutions that emphasize ruggedness, high feature density, and extended lifecycles, plus a solid engineering base and manufacturing supply chain that can support you for the life of your program.



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