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From Cannon’s 1950s design & patent of the D-Sub connector to today’s highly engineered Combo-D, Double Density, Space Grade or M24308 solutions, ITT Cannon continues to lead the industry with a wide array of D-Subminiature connectors.

How Did It All Start?

D-SubLike most engineers, James Cannon found himself fascinated with how things were built, what improvements could be made and most importantly, how electronics could make our daily lives easier. The only difference between James Cannon and yourself is he began tinkering with technology over 100 years ago.

Starting the original Cannon Electric in 1915, James Cannon pushed through uncertain economic times and in the 1920s took Hollywood from silence to song by supporting the first “talkie” movie. From there, Cannon products found their way onto most military and commercial aircraft to connecting nurses to patients with hospital switchboards.

Although the first 30 years of Cannon Electric’s is rich in history and nothing to shy away from, what happened in the 1950’s forever changed the connector industry.

D-Sub DesignFrom the original D-Sub design to Cannon’s first patent, the Cannon brand remains synonymous with one of the most widely used connector, the D-Sub.

Just look around and you will find at least one D-Sub connector near you. From your CNC machines to medical devices and military aircraft, Cannon D-Subs products continue to keep you connected.

Key Features

  • Standard, High Density, Double Density & Combo-D Layouts
  • Qualified to MIL-DTL-24308
  • Crimp, Solder Cup, PCB & Wire Wrap Terminations
  • Wide-range of Shell Materials & Plating Options including RoHS
  • Accessory Backshells w/Locking Hardware, Guide Plates & Polarization Options
  • Select Parts Qualified to NASA & SAE Standards
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