Military Embedded Systems

Counter-drone system equipped with AI to be delivered to DoD


March 31, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Citadel Defense image.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. Citadel Defense announced that it has received a follow-on urgent contract award from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to protect the military from small drone threats.

According to Senior Pentagon Leaders, small drones have been identified as the greatest battlefield threat since improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The use of small drones has been popularized and is evolving the security environment.

Citadel Defense's Titan system applies artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and low-collateral electronic countermeasures intended to blind the drone pilot from collecting intelligence and to prevent the drone from penetrating protected airspace.

Titan is also designed to generate a post mission analysis report that highlights threat activity patterns. This analysis aims to equip operators and their command leadership with insights that could help chart a course of action for each mission.


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