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Measure and PrecisionHawk join forces for commercial UASs


January 08, 2015

WASHINGTON. PrecisionHawk and Measure have teamed together to provide commercial drone services. The partnership will deliver customers enhanced access to advanced aerial data analysis, gathering, and processing through Measure’s Drone as a Service offering.

"PrecisionHawk's analytical software, among the most sophisticated in the world, is a critical tool for clients who need powerful near-real-time data processing capabilities," says CEO and Co-founder of Measure, Brandon Torres Declet. "As a Measure partner, we plan on integrating the DataMapper software solution with select clients through our Drone as a Service offering."

While Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone regulations continue to take shape, many companies will likely be seeking guidance and support to take advantage of the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for their businesses.

Measure and PrecisionHawk both provide solutions tailored for commercial drone clients, in markets including: farming, filmmaking, mining, oil and gas, public safety, utilities, wildlife conservation, and others.


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