Military Embedded Systems

Penguin C Mk2 UAS introduced by UAV Factory


November 13, 2020

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

UAV Factory photo.

BEND, Ore. UAV Factory has announced the release of Penguin C Mk2 system – a small tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS). Penguin C Mk2 completed its validation flight program and the company has begun delivering the platform to its customers. 

Penguin C Mk2 is available in Group 2 or Group 3 configuration and has an increased payload capacity, endurance, and capabilities compared to the Mk1 aircraft. The aircraft is optimized for up to 8-inch diameter payloads with the weight of around 4 kg.

Improved aerodynamics and increased fuel capacity of Mk2 boosted its flight endurance capability – flights of 25.5 hours have been demonstrated with Epsilon 140 LC day/night payload. Penguin C Mk2 is designed with a swappable nose concept intended to allow the field replacement of payloads quickly.

The Penguin C Mk2 uses Silvus 2x2 MIMO datalinks with the radio link range of over 120 kilometers. Features such as MESH, beamforming, various encryption options, integrated spectrum analyzer, and Interference Avoidance are available as well. According to the company, the Penguin C Mk2 is also operational in GPS-denied environments.


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